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  • Dollhouse
  • Lovesick
  • Pretty Girl
  • Baby Please
  • Rockabye Baby
  • Bacon 'N Eggs
  • Mr. Workabee (Intro)
  • Mr. Workabee
  • Stonegarden
  • City Love
  • Fixing My Hair

Priscilla Renea's rise to success has a familiar ring to it, but one that could have only happened in this decade. Like so many other aspiring singers, Renea posted videos of herself singing in her bedroom on YouTube and quickly gained a significant following. The surrounding buzz resulted in a major label deal and the end result is Jukebox, an album that promises to be as eclectic as the title item. Lead single "Dollhouse" is the kind of sassy, exuberant pop/rock/R&B hybrid that Rihanna would have probably done earlier in her career had she decided to ditch the whole tropical thing sooner, while "Fixing My Hair" finds common ground with the flashy torch soul productions of the 1980's. The list of producers range from Benny Blanco (Britney Spears, 3OH!3) & Lil' Ronnie (Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly) to Soulshock & Karlin (Madonna, Keyshia Cole, Whitney Houston).

Beach House - Teen Dream Six Finger Satellite A Good Year For Hardness

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