DJ Benzi & Evil Empire

    Present The Clipse: We Got the Remix


    Last year’s coke-centered double-shot from Virginia’s pissed-off Clipse spread across the Interweb with nearly the same distribution power that member Pusha T brags about — only he’s talking about blow, not mixtapes. Both volumes of the Clinton Sparks-hosted We Got It 4 Cheap mixtapes leave severe burn wounds (though mostly on the re-tread beats that make up the latter half), and Clipse’s Pusha and Malice spit drug-trade fare with nimble, lucid expertise alongside emcees Sandman and Ab-Liva, who as a whole wear the Re-Up Gang moniker. It’s not exactly positive stuff.


    The plan to shove Jive into dropping Clipse’s long-awaited Hell Hath No Fury gets a third push in DJ Benzi & Evil Empire’s We Got the Remix, with solid contributions from Jake One, Ghislain Poirier, Benzi himself and more. For a ballsy stab at “Re-Up Anthem,” Nick Catchdubs cribs Eric Clapton’s ode to Clipse’s muse, and lines up “Cocaine’s” guitar hook with a trusty, familiar drum break. Diplo’s “Queen Bitch” remix pins the coarse dealer chatter against faint beat claps and soothing a capellas, and the slick official single, “Mr. Me Too,” is a nice bonus, with low-profile buzzes, pulses and some tambourine (filthy hippies). Please, someone put these guys in touch with Kate Moss. If a ninety-pound coke mule like her visits Pusha and Malice on the regular, they can reopen Arista’s doors and bankroll the LP’s release in no time.


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