The Deadly Snakes



    Please, Canada, don’t hurt ’em! The Deadly Snakes’ fourth full-length is rock ‘n’ roll with so much more: It can be punchier than the Exploding Hearts (“Sissy Blues”), as dark (and seafaring) as Black Heart Procession (“200 Nautical Miles”), and always a hell of a lot more musical than any other band ever labeled “garage.” A ton of soul, too. Check out the straight-up Joe Cocker, sweaty white-boy howling on “Oh Lord, My Heart!” and “The Banquet.” Porcella shows all of that band-nerd spirit that makes the Arcade Fire so endearing, but this band nerd is a drunk, belligerent grown-up with Mick Jagger-swagger who can kick your ass. Throw this baby on at a party and wait for the debauchery to ensue.


    But this music isn’t just for fun, not nearly. There are words in here, good ones, addressing all the classic struggles of man in a not-so-hackneyed way. Stuff this line from “So Young & So Cruel” into your pipe: “And with the Lord as my witness, oh it is such a dirty business! To pull my teeth from your throat, and leave you wanting in hope.” Blood sucking – and blood in general – is splattered lyrically all over this record, which makes perfect sense with all the life contained in these songs.



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