Pony Up!

    Pony Up! EP


    With whining choruses and a grating, childishly affected vocals, the self-titled EP from Montreal’s Pony Up! offers up five songs that evoke an era and style best left forgotten. Comparisons to Liz Phair aren’t entirely inaccurate, but lines such as “I am sorry that you’re stupid/ I can’t be you’re fucking cupid” (“Shut Up and Kiss Me”) come off not as angst-ridden but immature and poorly written – more Belinda Carlisle or Tiffany than Phair.


    “Going Nowhere” and “Minstrel” show the five women ditching the tinkling gimmicks and locker-room-pop ditties to build up a decent, if unassuming, fire. With scattered strengths and evident – and frankly annoying – weak points, this EP has the sound of a demo better left unheard.



    Shut Up and Kiss Me” MP3

    Marlon Brando’s Laundromat” MP3

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