Sir Richard Bishop

    Polytheistic Fragments


    Don’t let the term “guitar virtuoso” fool you. This is not one of those Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai masturbatory affairs. Ex-Sun City Girl Sir Richard Bishop is probably the inheritor to Django Reinhardt’s acoustic mantle. Polytheistic Fragments is a gorgeous and twisted acoustic-guitar journey through all sorts of faiths and influences, with even a bit of American country thrown in the mix. At just more then ten minutes long, “Saraswati” is a meandering road less taken, and together “Tennessee Porch Swing” and “Canned Goods and Firearms” is a goofy and endearing shuffle through the South. Closer “Ecstasies in the Open Air” is perfection, a lilting segue out of an album that just seems to wash over me and sink into my skin.







    “Cemetery Games” MP3: