Mansbestfriend is the experimental side-project of the rapper best known as Sole. Whereas his first album under that moniker, 2004’s The New Human Is Illegal, sounded like a Sole album with extra-digital production, Poly.Sci.187 uses the freedom that comes with a pseudonym in order to explore other styles in music — namely instrumental hip-hop. But there are moments on the album, such as “Wilting Onward,” where things are awkwardly out of tune and out of tempo. In fact, most of the tracks here seem like unfinished ideas.



    True, these scribbles almost seem synonymous with the Anticon label, and in fairness there are some very good tracks present, including the RJD2-styled “The Teachings of Leviticus.” And the production’s not terrible, but not much here is impressive. Perhaps the strangest thing about the album is its political slant, from the title to the myriad sound clips. It seems odd that a rapper as accomplished as Sole, especially in the realm of politics (see Selling Live Water) would make a political statement without vocals. Maybe his rapid-fire vocals could’ve helped make Poly.Sci.187 more captivating.



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