The Everyothers

    Pink Sticky Lies


    An EP filled with promise and concern, the Everyothers’ Pink Sticky Lies hopes to rest squarely on the line between next big thing and next next big thing. Under scrutiny, I’m afraid the band may have hopped on that New York train a few stops too late.


    Singer/songwriter Owen McCarthy manages to sound as detached as the best of his peers, and unlike our mumbly friend Julian Casablancas, he apparently sings without two pairs of tube socks covering the microphone. The first three tracks have distinctively cool riffs, but each sounds like a different variation on “Suffragette City.” (Somebody’s been listening to their Ziggy.) McCarthy throws in some niftily jaded turns-of-phrase throughout. “Something Wrong” has our narrator opining: “I was wasting away/ Just like the picture of that Dorian Grey/ I saw the movie; I imagined the play.” Whatever, Oscar Wilde.


    With all of this in mind, I should love Pink Sticky Lies, right? Yet love is far too strong a word. There’s no shock of the new, but having that feeling is an increasingly rare occurrence. Maybe I’ve finally reached the limits of my excitement in affectedly disaffected neo-glam. “Too Far” or “Something Wrong” might make for killer singles, but on the whole I’m concerned that the members of the Everyothers are in danger of living down to their band’s name.


    Sure, there’s plenty of promise on Pink Sticky Lies, but I’m reluctant to heap any definitive praise upon the Everyothers. This band could be the new millennium’s Cheap Trick, or it could be the next JoBoxers. And what are your favorite JoBoxers songs? I think you catch my drift.


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