Pink Razors


    As chic as we try to be, many of us uber-hip indie rockers got our start in the world of pop-punk. I was moshing in my bedroom to MxPx long before I ever heard of the Microphones, and I would have preferred the Punk-o-rama compilations to the Pavement reissues any day. But I slowly became too cool for my pop-punk, and I eventually gave away some incredible albums for fear of being discovered by some elitist in a K Records T-shirt.


    But I’ve since realized that I was wrong to write off the entire genre. Fortunately, I need not wallow in regret, thanks to upstanding dudes like the four Canadians in Chixdiggit. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, the band has been kicking out quality punk rock since 1999, and has released records on notable labels including Sub Pop, Honest Don’s and Fat Wreck Chords (its current home). Pink Razors, Chixdiggit’s first release in four years, shows the group in top form.

    The band’s formula remains unchanged: Chixdiggit blazes through thirteen songs of mid-tempo, three-chord pop-punk. Simple, catchy, and totally fun, the record is surprisingly refreshing in its unassuming bliss. Standout tracks “Geocities Kitty” and “Welcome to the Daiso” blast out irresistible melodies and mindless lyrics in the best possible way, and closer “Nobody Understands Me” adds a fantastic synthesizer to the mix.

    On top of the pristine melodies and crunchy guitars, the record concludes with a hilarious hidden track that has the group offering a running commentary on Pink Razors. Such a ridiculous idea is the perfect way to end such a brilliantly mindless record. Pink Razors is the ideal summer soundtrack.

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    “Geocities Kitty” mp3

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