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  • The Swan Fever
  • Step Bacc
  • Up Yo Spine (Live At The Fishbucket pt. 3)
  • Ste. For Peter Pt.1 "The Fun"
  • Ste. For Peter Pt.2 "The Grind"
  • Anotha' (BBQ)
  • The Ultimate 144
  • Letter 2 c/o Bronx
  • Party Enemy #1
  • Enjoy
  • Gamin' On Ya
  • Critical Condition
  • The Wiz
  • People Riddum
  • California
  • Love's Theme #1
  • A Baby
  • Same Beat (The Wesley Rap)
  • D
  • The Mike & Chris Story

The duo of Thes One and Double K make a meta-record about and for backyard bbqs and afternoon parties. Anything more need to be said?

Metallica - Death Magnetic DJ Muggs vs Plant Asia Pain Language

puts are tru, pumped for the new cd


Man I've listened to this album twice through already. It's so ill, new sounds with that same PUTS flava.


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