Peanut Butter and Live at the Ginger Minge


    Another noisy slab from Coachwhips, San Francisco’s mad and grimy punk heroes. Those of you who are familiar with these oft-masked gentlemen’s cathartic live sets already know the drill. Or, perhaps you’re familiar with Jon Dwyer from the Providence noise scene, having aced your homework on Lightning Bolt, Pink and Brown (of which Dwyer was the pink half) and the Load Records roster. Either way, the conclusion’s the same: The Coachwhips ride requires a taste for dirt.


    Like pretty much all Coachwhips releases so far, Peanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge clocks in at less than 20 minutes and will blow a smoking hole through your speakers and leave you dazed and grinning. With a love for detuned guitars and repetitive riffs, the band plows through one-and-a-half-minute grinding “songs” that, containing mostly the same guitar, drums and distorted vocals, tend to blend together. This is, of course, the point. Music is not about intelligence or theory, any emotion other than lust or any feeling other than climax.

    Of course, Coachwhips is about the absurd. Dwyer’s song titles and lyrics are a list of his obsessions: sex, zombies, UFOs and partying. He starts this one off with “Body and Brains,” which adds some shocking keyboards to throw you off — Will this be the end of the ‘Whips as we know them? — only to launch into a frenzy to get his party started. “I wanna eat your brain! I wanna eat your brain!” he screams into his megaphone with a passion that would make Glen Danzig proud. The noise continues through highlights “I Made a Bomb,” the thrashing “What Do They Eat?” and finally into the climactic “Your Party Will Be a Success.” Hmm, thought it already was.

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