Agoraphobic Nosebleed

    PCP Torpedo


    Chances are you’re not too familiar with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, but it isn’t due to lack of history. The band features former members of Isis and Pig Destroyer, and PCP Torpedo is a two-disc reissue of the terrifying six-inch released in 1999. The album has only ten tracks, clocking in at an average of thirty seconds each. Played at the right volume, it’s brutally explosive, taking everything that has stood out in metal for the last twenty years and speeding it up five fold.


    The time frontman Scott Hull (guitar, bass, programmed drums) spent with Pig Destroyer allowed him to expand his vocal range, from squealing wails to deep growls. “Doubled Over” and “Thinning the Herd” borrow from punk, add in the metalcore of Converge‘s Jane Doe, and shred it to pieces.


    It’s nice to have the six-inch on CD, but it’s the bonus disc of fourteen remixes by the likes of Merzbow, James Plotkin (Khanate), and DJ Speedranch that boost the release. Dev/Null & Xanopticon’s “Agoranopticon Xanophobic Mix” is an industrial IDM crack fest, resounding on the ruthless classics from the reign of Atari Teenage Riot. Speedranch’s mix, “Creed Are Twats & Nickelback Look Like Mike Bolton,” takes “Thanksgiving Day,” the opening track off PCP Torpedo, and makes a nauseating gesture to Pleasantville, America with audio clips mixed in with Gwar-like responses. Some of the mixes are passable, but enough stand out to make the record an interesting exploration into the kind of tweaking and experimentation that can be done with such caustic thrash-grind superabundance.



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