Party in My Pants


    From San Francisco via Zurich, Switzerland, Romanowski crafts complex but booty-minded up-tempo hip-hop. If his title track invitation is as genuine as his gratuitous genre-flirting, he must double as jam-master and ass-grabber at many an eclectic Mission soiree.


    Throughout the album’s nine tracks, Romanowski presents a veritable cornucopia of styles to feast on. The meat-and-potatoes of b-boy breaks and dirty funk blend with spicy Cuban percussion, bhangra booty blasts and Mexicali riddims. Even the rocksteady hop he explored on last year’s Steady Rocking EP makes a flavorful return. Simmering all this into an enticing blend without settling into that one trick boom-boom-bap and sampled brass, Romanowski’s keen sense of subtle rhythmic building and variation earn him the “Kiss the Cook” apron.

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