DJ Brokenwindow

    Parallel Universe #2


    Where to start with this one? How ’bout, Who the fuck is DJ Brokenwindow? Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I’ve never heard of Brokenwindow before, and this is his second release. But one deejay I have heard of is Z-Trip, and he’s already done what’s on Parallel Universe #2, only ten million times better.


    Z-Trip, who’s Live at the Future Primitive Soundsession is a classic turntablist album, takes classic songs, mostly from the ’80s and from all genres, and then mixes them over break beats. He has an innovative way of creating amazing new tracks, completely different from the originals. But the key there is “innovative.” DJ Brokenwindow has done essentially the same thing as Z-Trip, just hardly as good.

    Firstly, Brokenwindow mixes boring songs on Parallel Universe #2. Half are unrecognizable and the other half just suck. Beyond that, the songs are just set to the same tempo and played on top of each other, without any interesting mixing. The end result is nothing great. It’s not that it sounds terrible, but how good can two mediocre songs being played on top of each other sound?

    Considering that none of the songs are good, it doesn’t help that there are twenty-one tracks on Parallel Universe #2. Half that many would have made the record more tolerable, but even that’s pushing it. I can’t imagine anyone listening to this record more than once. The novelty of how this music was created wears off real quick, especially since it’s been done before, and better.

    The liner notes contain a description of how to sync each song up to recreate this record exactly in your own home. I can’t imagine anyone owning any of these records, and I especially can’t imagine anyone bothering to spend the time playing them on top of each other. Brokenwindow’s already wasted his time doing the work for you; why not just listen to this record?

    I know a lot of time and effort goes into each record. But everyone should be warned when something as bad as Parallel Universe #2 is unleashed. So, here it is: Beware, this record sucks. Check out what DJ Z-Trip’s mixed instead.

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