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  • Art Rap Party
  • Freak Flag
  • I Rock
  • Rap Protection Prayer
  • Helicopter
  • Mistakes (Feat. Alpha MC)
  • WTF Is Art Rap
  • Unaplogetic (Feat. Nocando)Play
  • Pissy Transmissions
  • Original Butterscotch Confection (Feat. Busdriver)
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Easter Surgery (Feat. Serengeti & Jefferson DeJesus)
  • Garbage Man
  • Mole In Your Ministry
  • Go Home (Feat. Swim Team)

After making the move to Los Angeles in 2004, Open Mike Eagle promptly began establishing himself in the underground hip-hop scene. Most notably, he joined the Project Blowed collective, which is known for its fiery, freestyle-friendly MCs who like to mix in a hint of artsy attitude. Keeping the latter in mind, it's no surprise Eagle dubbed his full-length debut, the honest and edgy Unapologetic Art Rap. And he's teamed up with like-minded rappers such as Nocando, Busdriver, and Alpha MC to up the experimental vibes created by producers Maestro, Exile, and Alwayz Prolific.

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