As the record sleeve indicates, AmmonContact’s first course on One in an Infinity of Ways is rather “Dreamy.” The production duo — Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon — bare their goods in the song titles on the inside of the cover like nudey pics. “Healing Vibrations,” “Fun is for Funky,” “Like Waves of the Sea” — it’s all there in black and white. The compositions came first, presumably, and apt names came later, and with good reason. Following in step with Plug Research’s noteworthy roster, One in an Infinity is a smoothly flowing collection of spaced-out instrumental hip-hop, not entirely unlike Madlib or Prefuse 73.


    Members Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon meld the organic instrumental feel with drum loops and snippets of string samples and keyboards. There’s no need for breaks between tracks, it seems; their third release for the label is an interruption-free consistent mix of weightless atmospherics over hip-hop beats, fleshed out with guitar and assorted means of percussion. One in an Infinity of Ways‘ impressive dynamics go over well in the headphones, particularly when Nino, Ammon and their guests go from a compressed symphony to something as minimal as roomy upright bass and maracas. A couple of the tracks could be shorter, but the sharp and concise hits from the list make up for any slack in lengthy numbers.

    AmmonContact’s work with other labels including Up Above and Ninja Tune is clear in their presentation of weird ideas and slick beats. Lil’ Sci of Sol Uprising and Scienz of Life makes a vocal appearance on the last track, “One in an Infinity of Ways,” which shoots outta nowhere after all of the completely instrumental tracks. This does no harm, as in some cases it would. Sci’s hoarse flow is welcome, floating neatly on a spoken-word/poetry vibe that carries the album further into the great wide open from which it came.

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