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they're eager to out-brag anything with a microphone and a backward
baseball cap, the three men of Los Angeles's hip-hop outfit One Session
aren't your typical emcees. They do their best to avoid gunplay
nonsense and 'hood fabrications on The Hidden Treasures Vol. 1, a long spread of slickly produced tracks mixed by DJ Bobby B and a prelude to the group's forthcoming The Family Jewels LP.



Session's emcees Tristate (who's worked with stars such as Tha
Alkaholiks, Rass Kass and Xzibit) and Minus One push slow, hard-edged
rhymes and ill-tempered flow, outdoing a lot of the other tracks upon
their entry in early cuts such as "Change Things" and "Listen Up."
"Change" is exactly that, and One Session's "no bling" credo comes to
the forefront in sharp verses over a tinted piano loop and busy
rhythmic jabs.


lot of the time the beats are of the crisp, polished type that could
easily find their way into a popular-radio market, if it weren't for
these pesky inventive nuances. Skilled producer Cringe, like Bobby B,
hails from the now-extinct West Coast all-live hip-hop act Da
Nayborhoodz, whose extremely underground roots date back to the early
1990s. Cringe and One Session claim credit for almost all the beats on Hidden, and
the brawny bottom end of this production often calls for repeat - check
the funk of "Goin' Down" and a stylish, alliteration-laden verse from
guest Hannah B.


B's active scratch work stands out in his mix, augmenting his intro,
the dark four-note swirls of "If This Were" and the atmospheric but
similar-sounding stomp of "We Back," to name a few. The Hidden Treasures
can only plow over its thick beats for so long, though, and it loses
steam toward the end of its eighteen tracks in a couple of subpar guest
spots and even metal-crossover-type fare that's worth skipping over. It
starts off hot and could've been wrapped up early on. Maybe The Family Jewels will be better planned out.


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