Sun Araw

    Off Duty


    One of the more committed soldiers in L.A.’s recently redeployed psychedelic army, Cameron Stallones, aka Sun Araw, has found a comfortable nook somewhere between the glitchy psychedelia made so popular by Animal Collective over the past few years and the slightly more organic sonic mantras of early-2000s New Weird Americanists such as Sunburned Hand of the Man and the No Neck Blues Band.


    Stallone’s Off Duty EP, on Woodist, offers three extended tracks of thick, acid-drenched static and subtle, meandering melodic lines. (The CD version of the EP also adds the previously released two-track EP Boat Trip.) Opening track “Last Chants” travels backward through a sonic mind’s eye before eventually collapsing into a lurching, bottom-heavy groove. The result is curious tension between menacing drone and the subtle semblance of an anchor to keep one tethered to reality. “Midnight Locker” follows a somewhat similar path to enlightenment, while “Deep Temple” flips the script slightly, offering a giant hit of sunshine upfront and then slowly leading us through an increasingly hectic maelstrom before abruptly dropping them back down to earth.





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