Black Cat Music

    October November


    Once upon a time, there lived a small but powerful creature named the Fairy of Replication. A fan of the Murder City Devils and dissatisfied with the close to their career, the old fairy decided she would concoct a band to satisfy her craving for danceable rock. She obtained the souls of Murder City Devils and stuffed them in a jar, into which she poured the “soft loveable nature” of Brandon Flowers and the “raspy shriek” of Luke Jenner (both in liquid form, of course). She tasted the mixture and was disappointed, so she threw a fistful of bleu cheese into the jar and shook it so the new band could age like cheese over the course of an album. Satisfied, the fairy called the mixture Black Cat Music then drank it to take in its sound as completely as possible.


    “Phooey!” she said. “I’ve added too much cheese.” And so, Black Cat Music sat on a shelf for years, untouched by the fairy yet mildly appreciated by the starving mice who wandered in desperation.