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Disappointment is something that you have to come to terms with. It's inevitable. Especially when it comes to remix CDs.


The Numbers are an awesome Bay Area band that combines the twitchy
guitars and barked vocals of Erase Errata with funky moog buzzes. Death is Numbers' 2002 release Life
sent through the remix windmill with fellow mates on kid606's label
Tigerbeat 6, including Gold Chains, Stars and Eyes and some special
guests, including Electronicat and Original Hamster.

But what seems like an interesting remix album on paper falls flat
in execution. I'm an enormous fan of kid 606's work, and the Numbers
string together an enjoyable live show. But this CD loses steam after
the opening tracks.

The album opens with a nice danceable remix by Gold Chains. It's
anthemic and throws a curveball with a punk-rock breakdown at the end.
On the second track, Kid 606 sets the bar so high that the remaining
tracks on the album are exposed as lackluster filler. He avoids his
usual tricks: mash ups, frantic drum fills and a kitchen-sink approach,
instead taking on a somewhat straightforward remix that simply kicks
ass with taste and economy.

The remaining remixes are unable to channel the spastic scratchiness
of the Numbers into pleasant dance music. They also lack the
imagination of the first two tracks, and not just because the same
three Numbers tracks were essentially stretched into 13 remixes. All
the remixers are working the same glitchy, tinny beats and sampling the
same vocals and moog buzzes. When they do try to do something
different, their experiments fail miserably. GD Luxxe's New Order-ish
remix of "Prison Life" is downright cringe inducing (and I like New

When an awesome band gets remixed by other artists you expect
something better than the sum of it's parts. Sadly it never seems to
work out that way. Go see the Numbers live and listen to Kid 606's own
CDs. But don't waste your time on this.

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