Now is the Time!


    I once worked in the storage vault of one of the world’s largest libraries. Each vault was about ten thousand square feet with a fifty-foot ceiling rise. The vaults were essentially stone cubes, so sound reverberated. A lot. Of course, my co-workers and I played lots of music in the vaults. Each day we brought in our favorite CDs, and each day we marveled at our own private concert hall.


    One co-worker was a sweet Catholic girl who liked sweet things. We often talked about sweet things, like sunny weekends, silly sitcoms and Justin Timberlake. Of course, she liked sweet music, such as Weezer. And Justin Timberlake. One day, she came to work with a new CD and a wide grin. The CD cover had a close-up of a man with disheveled hair and a look of aggressive resignation. Perhaps it was because his nose had been bashed and bloodied. His name was Andrew W.K. And it was her new favorite CD.


    The moral of the story? Even sweet Catholic co-workers love to listen to spastic, short-attention-span, shit-kicking rock ‘n’ roll. I bet she would love Polysics.


    Polysics is often compared to Devo. I think it is because the members wear cataract sunglasses. The members of Devo didn’t have cataracts. Polysics is nothing like Devo.


    Cute is the last word that comes to mind when describing Devo. Perverted, yes. Cute, hardly. Polysics is not cute. It is rock and/or roll.


    The members of Polysics love to rock loud. They like jumping. They jump notes. They jump around. Jump rope to “Toisu!” Or do the twist.


    “I My Me Mine” is Dave Chappelle with goat legs dancing like Michael Jackson and blowing panpipes: “Tootle loo / Tootle loo / Tootle loo loo!”


    Polysics is sound plus video games. “Wild One” is the Ramones playing Donkey Kong, the Cars cruising in Galaga and The The minus The The with a splash of Frogger burps.


    Some don’t understand Polysics. That’s because the members sing in Japanese, like in “Oh! Monaliza.” And Engrish, like in “Super Sonic.” Who cares? Just dance!


    “Ceolakanth is Android” is theme song of Polysics. Wave flag. Stir and simmer. Throw on floor. Rejoice. Repeat.


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