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On last year’s Ghost Rock, Ann Arbor octet Nomo set aside the overwhelming Kuti-isms in favor of a broader, more syncretic approach. Wildly varied elements layered atop and across the foundation of polyrhythmic funk: Krautrock synths, hip-hop breaks, gamelan, homemade electric kalimbas, and dense sonic expanses more typical of ambient noise than anything you can dance to. For this new release, entitled Invisible Cities, the hard part is already done – more of the same would still be different than anything else being made at the moment. But that won’t be enough, for the band at least. It is suffice to say that the regional Midwest Afrobeat has never looked better.

Major Lazer - Guns Don't Kill People-- Lazers Do V/A 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground

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