Eyeball Skeleton

    No. 1


    Overheard on the monkey bars of an elementary school playground:


    “Hey, do you like music?”


    “My brother sent me a CD that he got in college that’s pretty cool.”

    “Your brother is old.”

    “I know. He has a car, and like, a girlfriend or something.”


    “The CD, though, it’s neat, because the band people are like eight and ten.”

    “We’re eight and ten.”

    “I know. Isn’t that narratively convenient?”


    “Hey, do you know what Dinosaur Jr. is?”

    “Is he the bad guy on Yu-Gi-Oh!?”

    “I think so.”

    “Then yeah.”

    “One song reminds me of like, what he would sound like if he were playing a guitar. He would be all, ‘Feel the Pain!'”

    “That’s cool.”

    “Duh. Anyways, they sing about mummies and stuff. I think their dad helped them with some stuff like drums.”

    “Mummies are cool.”

    “Vampires, too.”

    “I bet a vampire could kill a mummy.”

    “Mummies are already dead.”

    “So are vampires.”

    “No they’re not.”

    “Yeah huh. Just ’cause they run around and stuff doesn’t mean they’re not dead.”

    “I hope I get to be a mummy.”

    “I would play the guitar if I were a mummy. Or a vampire.”

    “No you wouldn’t, because mummies can’t play the guitar ’cause their hands are all taped.”

    “My hands wouldn’t be taped.”

    “Then you wouldn’t be a mummy.”

    “Well then I hope I’m a vampire, and I’ll come into your room and bite your neck.”

    “No you won’t, because I have vampire-proof sheets.”

    “That’s cool.”


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