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over as a slightly less talented Har Mar Superstar, lead singer
(rapper? shouter?) Matt Collins is nails on a chalkboard for the new
millennium. "I read a lot of dense post-structuralist theory and art
criticism, so there's a lot of stuff about combining ethics and
aesthetics that I'm trying to not be verbose about," he says in the
press release for his group's debut, Young Adults Against Suicide.
I'm not really sure which part of that applies to "you're going home in
a fucking ambulance," but I am sure that the only time this guy has
sent anyone home in an ambulance was when the strobe lights on his
performance piece sent that person into a seizure.



I feel a slight hesitation to totally trash Ninja High School, it does
not come from the band's music, which is a strange failure of hip-hop,
dance-punk and drum-heavy collage, but rather from the band's
philosophy. The Toronto-based group works out of a desire to party and
have an all-inclusive good time, which isn't going to hurt anyone too
soon. I have no doubt that sticking a hundred people in a room made for
ten and letting five performers run around chanting innocuous lyrics
over pre-recorded drum loops makes for said good time. But putting on
this record is a journey into the seedy hipster underbelly, where anger
is replaced by ironic yelling and "Banana Boat Song" becomes fodder for
the band's convenient wrath.


is bad music here, to be sure, and although the intentions are good,
they are expressed in the now-common nihilism of our generation, where
nothing is sacred and everything is a joke. It makes for a regrettable
display of partying for the sake of saying you're different. It's time
we realized that different and better are not necessarily a package


"Shake It Off" MP3


"Purpose Not By Plan" MP3


"NHS Is Gonna Rock You" MP3


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