Lisa Papineau

    Night Moves



    Lisa Papineau, known previously for her work with the band Pet, emerges on her solo debut, Night Moves, as equal parts Portishead and Bjork. Night Moves is filled with eccentric electronica beats that skitter around the room or bubble with bass. Backed by French musicians Thomas Huiban and Matthieu LeSenechal, Papineau is given ample room to spread her vocal chops. She lets out her inner Shirley Manson on the tripnotic “Shucking. Jiving.,” but it’s the quiet moments that propel the album’s sound. “Power and Glory, Part One” and “Diamonds and Pearls” soar on whisper-thin electronic pulses and layered vocals. Contemplative tracks like the tinkling “What Are We Waiting For?” pretty much hit the mark by keeping things simple. The album gives off the vibe of a sci-fi opera thanks to Papineau’s enchanting vocals and her production team’s decidedly leftfield approach. Night Moves is the rare album that is both original and accessible.