Nice/Splittin’ Peaches


    Experimental noise rockers to come out of New York? To think such a thing existed!


    Despite the vague yet increasingly popular genre their music tends to fall under, the members of Oneida use their sixth release to show they’ve got the intensity of MC5, the patience of fellow New Yorkers Liars (with whom they released the Atheists, Reconsider EP in 2002), and a handle on that Michael Yonkers-style “psychedelic rock” we’ve all heard so much about.

    The best part of Nice/Spittin’ Peaches is that although it’s only four songs, it progresses like a full-length, providing a second track that sounds like a second track and an indulgently epic finale (the nearly 15-minute “Hakuna Matata”) that drones hypnotically. At last — acid users and ADD patients alike have a Clarity of their own.

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    "Inside My Head" mp3

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