Nice, Nice


    Unless I’m listening to jazz, ska (there goes my “street cred”), the end of a Springsteen song, Rocket from the Crypt or the theme music to The Price is Right, horns should play no part in rock ‘n’ roll. What is wrong with the Cougars that they thought this sounded good. Songs start — not horribly even — and then all of a sudden it’s like the horn section of some lost marching band is doing covers of cheesy game show intros. Note to people building bands: Horn sections = Suck.


    Okay, I’ll admit it: there are ways to do the horn thing well (see above mentioned forms of music). I’m not just saying that so I don’t get mountains of hate mail. Regardless, Nice, Nice is musically decent, with some interesting progressions and twists on the straight rock sound, but it’s mostly boring. For the most part, Nice, Nice is annoying and taxing on your ears, particularly its vocals. Cougars may not be saving rock ‘n’ roll, as the press sheet suggests, but they seem to be having fun doing what they’re doing, and that has to be worth something. Just not your money. Fuck horns.

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