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Let's be honest: There's nothing better than a truly great debut single. And while London's New Young Pony Club might be a little late to the dance rock/electro-pop party, they've given us just that with "Ice Cream," possibly the most sexual piece of rock music I've ever heard. Originally released as a single in 2004 but not receiving a true showcase until now, "Ice Cream" is truly a marvel of simplicity; it's almost hard to believe that the genre's other main purveyors weren't able to beat New Young Pony Club to the punch. Sprinkled with synths and post-punk guitars, the song is a veritable aphrodisiac: When vocalist Tahita Bulmer hisses over lines like "Drink me like a liquor/ C'mon and dip your dipper/ Show me what you're here for, guy," it's hard not to, um, take notice.



The EP includes three additional mixes of "Ice Cream," the Euro-trashiest of which (the Van She mix) is actually pretty fun. There are also B-sides "Get Dancey" and "Descend," and while "Get Dancey" takes the slowed-down beats of "Ice Cream" one step too far, "Descend," with its catchy "I'm taking all of these questions/ I'm taking all of your answers" lyrical mantra, actually merits some repeat listens.


With a new single on the way -- "The Bomb" is set for a March 19 release -- and an LP due in May, it's looking increasingly likely that New Young Pony Club will be factoring heavily into your summer listening plans. There's a lot to like here and, just as important, a lot to look forward to.






"Ice Cream" video:

  • Ice Cream
  • Get Dancey
  • Descend
  • Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream
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