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On its second full-length, The Hate Yourself Change, Omaha’s Neva Dinova emerges from its 2004 collaboration with Bright Eyes, One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels, and moves ahead on its distinct strengths. Out of the shadows and the heartland, war lament “Can’t Wait to See You” treads instead in Pink Floyd waters, ending with a restrained crash and frontman Jake Bellows pleading: “Will you still recall my name?” Not profound, but the magic is in Bellows’s passionate voice, laconic songwriting, and the three-guitar wash -- more London than Nebraska. Though occasionally overdramatic, its intelligent lyrics, nuance and climactic build make The Hate Yourself Change an understated triumph.


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  • Hat O'er Eyes
  • Ahh
  • Yellow Datsun
  • The Champion
  • Can't Wait To See You
  • A Picture In Pocket
  • She Can't Change
  • Blackest Heart
  • Cold Calls
  • On/Off
  • I've Got A Feeling
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