Deborah Harry

    Necessary Evil


    If there is a mad scientist out there who is attempting to perfect a time machine, I nominate Deborah Harry to test it out. I miss Debbie Harry.



    To be more accurate, I miss Debbie Harry’s voice — that seems to be the feature that has aged the worst. Twenty seconds into Necessary Evil and I’m cringing, and it’s only amplified by the fact that this very same voice once performed “Heart of Glass” and “Rapture.” “School for Scandal,” for instance, sounds like Tenacious D. And lyrics such as “The devil’s dick is hard to handle” do not alleviate such a comparison. 


    Necessary Evil‘s failure isn’t entirely Harry’s, though. The production is undecided. On opener “Two Times Blue,” the band is emo by numbers, but the rest of the album flip-flops between (ironically) poor-man’s Madonna ballads and poor-man’s Madonna electro-pop. I hate to tear her to shreds (sorry), but this record only makes me miss Debbie Harry even more.