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    Narnack Records Is A Fist-First Sampler of New Music


    Normally I’d be ramming my fist down the throats of anyone who thought they could get away with a seventy-four-minute compilation and expect people to listen to the whole thing at once. But Narnack? Nah. They’re too damn good.


    Despite that some songs occupied way too much time on this meaty sampler (namely Fast Fourier’s “Pole Position” and Tyondai Braxton’s “October”), nothing was bad enough to skip over, thus confirming Narnack as a label of consistency. The collection is about 95 percent worthwhile, particularly with the help of recent and unreleased material by Langhorne Slim (“I Wanna Take You Home”), the Intelligence (“Let’s Toil”) and standard label favorites by the Fall, Coachwhips and Guitar Wolf. The most exciting member of the group? Lil’ Pocketknife, whose “Do a Dance” is tangible proof that the ones they call “sassy” are finally releasing an LP in 2005.

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    Coachwhips “I Made a Bomb” mp3

    Langhorne Slim “Faces All Blast Off” mp3

    X27 “Me” mp3

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