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    My Summer of Love


    This soundtrack to a small British film about a blossoming love between two young women witnesses sexy electro-poppers Goldfrapp — Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory — venturing into film scoring. The Bath, England-based group opens with the typically entrancing "Lovely Head," then give most of the album’s remainder over to tracks by other artists, occasionally peeking back in for a reprise of a motif or two.


    The album is well sequenced, with the unlikely likes of Julie London, Blonde Redhead, The Pretenders, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Edith Piaf all coexisting happily. But the overriding languid (when not completely somnambulant) tone of the album manages to make the album seem less eclectic. Upon repeated listens, the disc seems more formless and inconsequential. It’s not a painful listen by any means, but except for maybe Goldfrapp completists, not an especially noteworthy one either.

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