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It's hard to hear remix albums as much more than vanity projects. Surely they're far more gratifying for the artists -- whose songs get the ego-feeding overhaul -- than the fans. That's certainly the case with Tear It Down, a collection of remixes of songs from My Brightest Diamond's impressive debut of last year, Bring Me the Workhorse. Although most would cite Shara Worden's operatic vocals as My Brightest Diamond's not-so-secret weapon, they only worked so well on Workhorse because the backing music -- a blend of straight-ahead rock and atmospheric strings -- kept pace. But here, the down-tempo electronica of Lusine's take on "Workhorse" transforms an otherwise tense track into a benign Everything But the Girl sound-alike. Likewise, David Keith's take on "Something of an End" shoehorns a steady rhythm track into a formerly explosive, dynamic song. And it just doesn't work. Gold Chains wrangles snippets of "Freak Out" -- Worden singing the sample-friendly lyric, "It's time to tear it down" -- into an incendiary club banger. But, like so much of the material on Tear It Down, it yields no new insight into the originals.




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Audio: "Golden Star (Alias remix)"

  • Golden Star (Alias)
  • Workhorse (Lusine)
  • Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique mix)
  • Disappear (Stakka)
  • Dragonfly (Murcof)
  • Magic Rabbit (Alfred Brown)
  • Freak Out (DJ Kenny Mitchell REWIND 93REMIX featuring nimnomadic)
  • We Were Sparkling (Haruki)
  • Something of an End (David Keith--NC47)
  • Gone Away (David Michael Stith)
  • The Good and The Bad Guy (SiameseSisters)
  • Gone Away (Strings of Consciousness)
  • Disappear (Wheat to Whiskey mix byCedar AV)
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