Sleepy Brown

    Mr. Brown


    Here’s the deal: Sleepy Brown is one-third of Organized Noize, and he’s also the guy who likes the way you move. He’s a made a couple of other records under various names, but none of them were particularly good (especially considering the high expectations associated with Organized Noize and the Dungeon Family). Although Mr. Brown is slightly better, it probably will have already been forgotten by the time this review is published.



    I know Sleepy probably feels bad about this, because he tried really hard here to have a commercial record. The Neptunes are on the album’s mediocre “Margarita,” and Outkast appears on close “I Can’t Wait” (Andre raps!), which isn’t as good as it sounds. A few songs are nice, like the string sampling “Me, My Baby and My Cadillac,” which is a step above, and “Get 2 It,” which has a nice piano hop to it. The former would have been a good template to follow if the singer wanted to replicate the energy of “The Way You Move,” and it seems like he should have — that song is way better than anything here. But like fellow hook king/smooth soul singer Nate Dogg, Brown takes most of his solo record and spreads some watered-down slick R&B all over the dance floor and fucks up everyone’s game.


    I’m sorry, Big Boi. I really like your label, and I want it to get off the ground, but where did the musical adventurousness of your crew’s early work go? And where’s Killer Mike’s Ghetto Extraordinary? And where’s another Dungeon Family record? And where’s a real Outkast record, for that matter? That’s it: I’m officially disgruntled.






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