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After dropping his first solo album, Black on Both Sides, Mos Def has released increasingly disappointing solo albums as he started fighting his label over commercial concerns and direction. There hasn't been as much excitement for a Mos Def solo album than for his fourth solo album, The Ecstatic, which has filled Mos Def fans with hope that Mos will finally release a complete solo album. The Ecstatic certainly has the potential, since Mos has been working on it for a few years, and it's less likely to bear the mark of a rushed product like his last two albums.

The Dead Weather - Horehound Black Moth Super Rainbow Eating Us

Sorry, but to say that "The New Danger", and especially tracks like The Boogie Man Song or The Panties have a "rushed" production is just wrong. There is much love in it. Totally agree with "True Magic".



yea check out some of the tracks at

Jay the biggest

heard most of the cd and was very impressed!!! gotta pick this one up, its sick.


Yes Chromechild, totally agree. The New Danger wasnt as good as black on both sides, but a good album nonetheless. There is even some solid tracks on true majic, even though the album as a whole sucks.


After tru3 magic I thought all was lost, but this album kicks anus...


Love this album. Sounds like he's having fun and doing what he wants while remaining lyrically on-point.

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