Nous Non Plus



    Nervy new-wave strung between falsetto, disco-thumped wails and the breathy strum of Euro-pop: Nous Non Plus’ Francophilic lounge pop would almost be cliché if it wasn’t bundled into such a knowing spoof.


    The band is almost entirely composed of New Yorkers, with each member assuming pseudonyms such as Jean-Luc Retard and Céline Dijon.  Songs such as the hyper-libidinal “French Teacher” sound like a lush and winking Parisian hijack (replete with cocktail-jazz string arrangements and fluttery flute lines floating to the surface in smoke wisp curls) of the freak-funked parody-rock found in Beck’s Midnite Vultures. It’s all goofy jabs and sly come-ons, but with a resolute dedication to the genre they’re teasing but so obviously adore.


    Nous Non Plus may not scratch deeply beneath the surface, but they certainly leave a good impression.