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So, did the video for "Ching-A-Ling" really have to feature close-ups of the Asian dancers? I mean, seriously? Schoolyard stereotypes aside, Missy's seventh features the familiar cavalcade of pahty, potty, dookie fresh beats (Timbaland, Pharrell, Danja) and nonsense gibberish.

The Count and Sinden - Hardcore Girls T-Pain Thr33 Ringz

This was supposed to be released May 2008, then it was August, then it was September, then it was November 11. Now it Febuary 2009? That is 9 months later than when it was supposed to be released. This is ridiculous. Missy you suck for letting everyone down like this!


I am so damn excited for this album. I feel like I been waitin forever for Missy to keep up the great work. She da bomb and never lets us down with a fresh new sound!! Best Best is a HIT IT!!! Much love missy!!! Holla


Yo i agree with CJ all the way. 9 months later, its just bullsh!t. dont get me wrong i love missy i think she is the best artist, but seriously 9 months. im so mad.


Oww Bla bla....the bitch doesn't know what to bring out anymore.....wake up you fools!!!!!
that's why there is still no new album, she doesn't got anything new or 'fresh" to say becides..."beep beep" and "this is sick! "


yeah you all have ya say but trust when it does hit you goin to be very happy..... you know they say gud things cum to those who wait!!! that all im here doing Mad Love Missy im yours for life i aint goin no where

Mad Man

She never realeased The video for BEST BEST only for Ching-A-Ling/shake your pom pom!!!


Dnt hate on MISSY she gon bring out a hot LP she been workin hard on some new ish i've been waiting too but real fans hold their artist down


Im soooo exciteddddd i cant wait any longer!!!!!
Come on missy. Loveeee you :)

Yasmin - x

Don't care how long we have 2 wait, it's ALWAYS worth the wait! people are talking & speculating, anticipating & patiently waiting the genius that is ALWAYS Missy.
Missy is fresh & constantly reinventing herself! You go girl!
4-ever your fan

Aunt Bee

I hope her album do come out next feb... and i can't wait no loner to so.......


You kids should stop fooling around and respect the queen of hip-hop.


Well its about time missy, what took you so long......hope this album is the best.....


I hope her cd do come out be to all you hater out there can kiss her you no what.....


Same here, been waiting for the new Missy sh*t for so many months now!! WHAT`S UP??


All yall thats hatin on Missy need to chill out... Cause when ever her cd does drop ever one CJ, MissySucks! & D will probally be the first ones to buy or download that ish... but i know that whatever Missy does come out with will be nothing but perfect.. And a true missy fan wouldnt care if she took another 9 months to release... so get off her balls and let her do her thang...


hell to the no what Dec that like waiting on a kidney replace that suit is crazy but love you Missy


I need your new album (Block Party), MISSY ELLIOTT ... NOW! GRACIAS .


I must say im excited for the new album of missy elliott and sure its been a while for this new album to be released and when making a new album it takes time u just cnt make one over night and expect it to be ready for release so for those who think she should stop and get over it ..i think u need to calm down coz when she does release her new music u will be like it was worth the wait :D


Hey Missy,

Do you know anyone who can sing these songs. I came across them via a link on a friends myspace page and I think these songs needs to be heard, they are really good.


I love Missy, her songs are hott! Some people just hatin on her and everybody thats hatin probably broke so step ya game up HATERRRRSS!!!!!!


missy i love ALL yo cds!n im sure when u drop dis cd its guna b off da chain!!!! str8 up n down! i cant wait! much love!!!


Aghhhh when is this album coming out??? I love missy but im getting a bit tired of waiting for it! Where in May now why isn't it here yet? I hope its out for the summer!


I feel like I've been waiting forever and my ass will keep waitin till the album comes out.
We all know Missy doesn't make s**t and she wants this album to be we will wait till she is good and ready.

Once the album drops...we all know it will be worth the wait. Love you MISSY! Work it!


I've heard some of the songs that gonna be on her new album and they are HOT. I'm gettin a little impatient over here because this album was suppose to be out last year, but since she's kept us waiting for so long, we; her true fans, know it's gonna be a real banger. But even if it don't chart(unlikely) I'm still gonna have her back and support her no matter what cause she's The Bomb. Love and Respect always Missy~


on new album "Block Party" song "Milk & Cookies" feat.Aaliyah ?? this is true of false? I nedd answer :)


urrgh!!! I can't wait for this to come out!!!! xD.... but she needs to release it already!!!


I cannot wait. Five years without a Missy album is like an eternity. Bring it Missy!


I want it so bad


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