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There comes a time in every young artist's life where he or she must inevitably mature musically. Sometimes, it's a matter of adopting a new sound or style that's less pop-oriented. In many cases, though, it leads to (somewhat) promiscuous, sexed-up tracks; see: Christina Aguilera. The latest singer to enter this stage in her career is Miley Cyrus, whose 2010 album's title says it all. Can't Be Tamed features an eponymous single that has Cyrus belting out "womanly" lyrics over still pop-friendly, but more club-centric production with her trademark twang. Did anyone really not see this coming? On here, she's working with producer/songwriters Antonina Armato and John Matthew Shanks, the former of whom co-wrote a number of previous Cyrus songs.

Hanson - Shout It Out V/A Dial 2010

album cover added. looks like that Britney album cover

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