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The five tracks on Evolution of the Groove take less than fifteen minutes to play out, and they're mixed so that the EP sounds like one long superstar jam session -- essentially, a remix. Different permutations of Davis's band rub elbows with each other, along with the likes of Carlos Santana and Nas and his dad, Olu Dara. Just as breakneck are the eras of Davis's work that are meshed together. Kind of Blue (1959), Miles Smiles (1966), In a Silent Way (1969), On the Corner (1972) and Get up with It (1974) are all represented -- albeit briefly. So the album does offer what it promises: evolution. But I wonder what could have been accomplished with a full-length album as the palette.






  • Freddie Freeloader
  • Freedom Jazz Dance (Evolution Of the Groove)
  • It's About That Time
  • Honky Tonk
  • Black Satin
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