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We tend to think of post-rock as music either to puzzle over or slit your wrists to. The nine-member Spanish troupe Migala elicits neither reaction. La Increible Aventura is a verdant wash of (mostly) instrumental rock that has more in common with Tindersticks or even Mojave 3 than Thrill Jockey. Their sound is particularly effective on "Lecciones de vuelo con Mathias Rust," where languid strings and country atmospherics mutate into a stirring guitar-driven finale even the Edge would be proud of. The record suffers, though, when the boys sing -- a technique that turns Migala's art-country into so much truck-stop sap. Still, there's enough to raise eyebrows here (check the Darth Vader sound bite on the opener) to give these Spaniards a place among there peers in the New World.


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- December 2003

  • El Imperio Del Mal
  • Dear Fear:
  • El Tigre Que Hay En Ti
  • WWW (Searching For The Wicked Witch Of The West)
  • Untitled
  • You Star, Strangled
  • El Gran Miercoles
  • Sonnenwende
  • Tucson, Game Over
  • Lecciones De Vuelo Con Mathias Rust
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