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  • Diamond Dust (Prod. By Mickey Factz)
  • I’m Better Than You feat. Steve-O (Prod. By Don Cannon)
  • Legend (Prod. By Precize)
  • Paradise Remix feat. Fat Joe & Bun B (Prod. By Precize)
  • iLL feat. Nakim (Prod. By Precize)
  • Showing Love feat. Count Jus (Prod. By Precize)
  • Light Up
  • Empty Bottle (Prod. Sean C & LV)
  • Interlove (Prod. By Mickey Factz)
  • Friend Zone feat. Redd Stylez & Lundon (Prod. By Count Jus)
  • Again (Prod. By Steven Linde)
  • Mona Lisa feat. Chester French & Kara Rose (Prod. By Precize)
  • Da as Mickey Factz
  • Trinity (Prod. By Soundsmith For Soundsmith & Neenyo)
  • Get By feat. Big K.R.I.T. (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)
  • Skyscraper (Prod. By Precize)
  • Melodic Nightmares (Prod. By M83)

Mixtapes became a gift and a curse for certain MCs in the mid-to-late 2000s. There have been several cases, from Drake to B.o.B to Asher Roth, where a rapper has gained a huge following and signed a major label deal thanks to a successful Internet project. But too many times, the quality of their output begins to dwindle and their proper debut fails to resonate as strongly as their hit mixtape. Other times, rappers just coast on the promise of an album while dropping a mixtape every few months. That's where Mickey Factz comes in. After breaking through with several mixtapes from 2006-2008, he presumably took a break to record his planned debut, The Achievement. Factz would only reappear again in 2010 with three mixtapes, with I'm Better Than You serving as his last for the year. The project features production from Factz, Big K.R.I.T., Sean C & LV, M83, 6th Sense, and others while guests include B.o.B, Chester French, Fat Joe, and Bun B.


You can download the mixtape here courtesy of XXL.

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