The Go Find



    Belgian indie-rocker fiddles with electronics: Can you say hello to Dieter Sermeus?


    On his solo debut, Miami, Sermeus gets tips from fellow countryman and like-minded songsmith Arne Van Petegam of Styrofoam, who guests as co-producer. Makes a record that laces pop-based guitar with playful and silly Powerbook textures. Sings simply worded pop in English. Knows when to be sunny, when to be melancholy. Judge delicately: These are “relationship songs.” One man’s sorrow is this critic’s grimace, I guess.

    The Go Find sounds familiar, and it’s other Morr acts that provide most of the inspiration, though there is a smell of Adore-era Smashing Pumpkins in a few tracks. Where the Notwist is bombastic and bittersweet, the Go Find is tickly and fickle, singing like the younger brother of Markus Acher. Where Styrofoam is inventive and introspective, the Go Find is straightforward and catchy. Critic say, “Too catchy for comfort.”

    The future for said Belgian? Sermeus might find himself atop the heartfelt electro-pop mound that the Postal Service left vacant, but probably not. Perhaps he’ll develop a small niche as being underappreciated among those who say every night, “What we need is more nondescript electronic pop for my robot make-out sessions!” Critic say, “This smell funny; this rehash of other groups. Take away the beeps and the bleeps and the creeps and all you have is sickly-sweet raspberry jam. Raspberry is just too much sometimes.”

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