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Several members of the Wu-Tang Clan have been capitalizing on apparently making 2010 their year. Affiliate rapper Masta Killa prepped several projects to drop through the year while GZA announced a direct sequel to his classic Liquid Swords record. Also, Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon joined forces for a collaborative album, Wu-Massacre, that met some critical claim. Meth didn't want to stop there, though, as he began working on The Crystal Meth, his fifth studio album and first since 2006's 4:21… The Day After. Meth has said he expects to be backed by beats from his usual group of producers, which includes Erick Sermon, RZA, and Rockwilder.

Fischerspooner - Entertainment Cage I Never Knew You (Free EP)

Great can't wait for the album!
Mef is back again


yooooo cant wait for the new album method man is the best hip hop emcee out there


Yo can't wait for the album, but one thing please do the hip-hop world a favor and smash joe budden lyrically...


yo Goose i agree please shit on mr.buddens ASS he is garbage has nothing on method man


Meth aint the best rapper out there, Rakim is. His new album is FIRE

But meth is also one of the best in the game, and he really knows how to move the crowd, saw him in Amsterdam this summer, cant wait for this album!

Keep supporting REAL hiphop, and go get this album!


indeed im psyced to hear meth on some new stuff... no1 has a flow that compares to his... he's the best


yo i though the new lp was Wu-Massacre. so let me get dis right, meth is workin on a new solo lp. can't wait.


Ey am African and Engrish Doesnt get heard here often... but Meth is ONE OF THE REAL rappers out here.. His stuff is radical and MAJOR.. AM GONNA WAIT 4 dis one with Lemon Juice and ice cream. peace


Oh man, i can't wait for his new album , he is one of the best REAL RAPPERS in the industry. I would like his new albulm to be a hard hip hop. Yo Method man don't stop making your songs. Keep it real.


Method Man is not a rapper, he is an Emcee. This shiznit needs to come out what is the god damn delay

bob digi

I agree I've been checking up on this for 2 years now! But knowing meth it'll be crazy. As Bart scott would say "CAANT WAIT"


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