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    Everything about the Brooklyn-based hardcore band Most Precious Blood is fierce. From the lacerating, buzz-saw guitars and hate-fueled lyrics to the controversial artwork and outspokenness on animal rights, it’s clear that this band means business.


    Aside from the symphonic metal chorale that opens Merciless, Most Precious Blood’s third album, the band doesn’t stray too far from the metallic, breakdown-heavy hardcore that bands such as Hatebreed ground into the floor long ago. Thankfully, the band’s lyrics avoid the boasting and macho pride that keeps the NYC hardcore scene so insular. Vocalist Rob Fusco screams about rage, corruption and obsession with the fervor of someone who’s finding release for the first time. The spittle flies as Fusco seethes “The more I love the more you leave/ I hate you with all my heart” on “Driving Angry,” and you’re glad that you’re not on the receiving end of his wrath.


    Then, after thirteen tracks of unremitting intensity, Most Precious Blood treats us to forty unlisted minutes of idiotic banter and sub-Jerky Boys prank calls. One story about the nasty shit that fast-food employees do to the chili at Wendy’s would be fine. Trying to get another hardcore band involved in a lifestyle marketing campaign for Chiquita bananas? Pushing it. By the fifth time Most Precious Blood calls up a foreign-owned pizza company to ask “Can I get some Updawg?” the band has squandered all of the passion and seriousness of the first half of Merciless. Hardcore isn’t funny, and Most Precious Blood is among its least funny practitioners.


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