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Isn't it great to have grunge back? The last couple of years have seen not just the rise of hardcore revivalists like the Pissed Jeans and Fucked Up, but also a resurgence of the two key originators of grunge: Mudhoney and the Melvins. Mudhoney's main release has been an essential deluxe edition of their once criminally overlooked Superfuzz Bigmuff, but the Melvins are sounding as fresh as ever with the support of the guitar-less Big Business. With the excellent but somewhat safe (A) Senile Animal, the Melvins were getting used to having an additional rhythm section. Nude with Boots, on the other hand, is arguably the most experimental album the band has ever recorded.


Yes, Black Sabbath and classic stoner metal are the main influences, and there are a lot of derivative elements to the album. But what's so innovative is not the content but also the style -- a new breed of fragmented metal that brings grunge into the A.D.D. generation. The table is set with opener "The Kicking Machine," which begins with a snare/guitar combo straight out of the Zeppelin playbook. Once you get to the church-like vocals and speed-metal freak-out ending, though, you realize this is no ordinary metal album. Each track ends abruptly, as the next track begins where you least expect it.


Take, for instance, "Billy Fish" which begins sounding like Pearl Jam and ends as Iron Maiden. Or "Suicide in Progress," a Blue Öyster Cult-sounding expedient rocker with cryptic lyrics that has a minute of glass shattering at the end of the track. The most complete track on the album is the title track, where the double drums, guitar, and vocals are all in sync. Considering the eccentricities of each of those elements, this constitutes something of a minor miracle.


But when Nude sinks, it sinks hard. The clunker of the first half is not the seven-minute sludgy behemoth "Dog Island" but the abhorrent, useless follow-up "Dies Irae," which requires an upbeat track like "Suicide" to save the entire album.


There's also a three song, six-minute stretch at the end of the album that leaves Nude teetering on oblivion, but the glorious mess of "It Takes Better Than the Truth" brings all the weirdness together. That closing track is five minutes of absolute metal anarchy, leaving you with a baffling aftertaste befitting of how baffling Nude with Boots sounds. Some are sure to hate it, but unlike any Melvins album since Houdini, Nude With Boots certainly demands your attention.




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So excited! Must go and buy it!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/lori_baily/1.jpg lori_baily

last i checked the maggot came out after houdini


Eh, that album's kinda interesting, but nothing like this one.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Man, get some writers who know what it is they're writing about. It's obvious Master Stanislawski is vastly unqualified because he obviously doesn't know anything about this band.
Don't know if it is desperation for content on the part of Prefix but man, this stuff is inexcusable:

Pissed Jeans and F'd Up are not "hardcore revivalists." PJ are a throwback to the kind of noise rock bands like Scratch Acid cultivated and who had very little to do and owed little to the form otherwise known as "hardcore." Meanwhile, while it is true F'd Up play a strain of hardcore and deliver it with all the aplomb and vigor that's true to the style, the basic idiocy of stating they or anyone else are "revivalists"is laughable when you consider this style of music once begun never went away in the first place....
Mudhoney's Superfuzz Bigmuff was not "criminally overlooked." It was in fact very well received at the time of its release and the band was largely hailed--most especially by the UK press--as being "the next big thing." Not only the UK press believed it but most everybody else on this side of the pond with a decent, credible pair of ears on them thought so too, including their record label. No body expected Nirvana (not even Nirvana themselves) would go on and do what they did (and by the way, Melvins drummer Dale Crover played on a couple songs from Bleach and some of the tracks that appeared on Inscesticide too) but life's funny that way.
Big Business are not a "guitar-less" band. They are a rock duo comprised of Bass and Drums with vocal accompaniment. Last I looked the Bass is in fact a guitar . A guitar with four strings that produces the lower end of the musical scale. Much like the left hand side of your piano or organ, it's what gives most music (along with bigger, deeper and wider drum configurations like your kick drum, your tom-tom, your kettle drum, etc.) its "bottom." A Cello does the same for strings but those are "strings" and not "guitars" and my apologies if you're getting confused...
Anyway, getting back on track here and concluding what infractions exist in just the opening paragraph here, forget "arguably." Nude with Boots isn't even "remotely" the most experimental album "the band has ever recorded." Again, any one with qualified knowledge of this band would know what a moronic, unqualified and retarded statement that is. Obviously, our young, budding critic here hasn't ever heard Snivlem...
Nope, Prefix strikes out. ES is entitled to his opinions, subjective as they are, and Prefix is entitled to publish what they pay for but neither should be let off the hook for being so completely irresponsible and incompetent and it's rather contemptible that not even the editor has the chops or historical perspective / knowledge to catch such glaring ineptitude in the first place. Shame, shame....

But you'll carry on as you were anyway, won't you?


Amen, Peter_D.


when i listen to albuns like lysol, the bootlicker or prick i know for sure that the melvins are just trying to be pearl jam and sell records


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