Venetian Snares



    As Venetian Snares, Aaron Funk creates an electronic jackhammer of break-beat percussions that is so impossibly fast and relentless that the beats will likely pass through your ears and slip away before you get a chance to really hear them. Trying to listen to all of the sounds may end in you trying to scratch your brain through your eyeball, so it’s better to just give in and go along for the ride.


    On Meathole, Funk doesn’t move much outside of the self-created box, but he continues to offer his painstaking programming that slowly morphs and turns back in on itself like an Escher drawing does. Meathole is a return to Funk’s darker, earlier works and is less forgiving than his previous album, 2005’s Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett, which was also released by Mike Paradinass Planet Mu label. That album used samples of Hungarian folk music behind his beats; for this one, sinister voices are used as a backdrop. There’s not much new from Venetian Snares on Meathole, but it still gives me that raw and tingly feeling, like stepping out of a too-hot shower.


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