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Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is Mariah Carey's 12th studio album, and if you believe Mariah Carey's insistence that she's eternally 12-years-old, then this means that she has a record for every year she's been alive.


But more important than Mariah's quantity of output, is Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel's content. For the album Mariah worked with Timbaland, longtime collaborators Jermaine Dupri and Walter Afanasieff, but the lion's share of the album's tracks were co-written by The-Dream and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, who, in addition to writing E=MC2 lead single "Touch My Body," are responsible for some of the best pop songs on the radio in the last few years. But that presence on the album is unlikely to supplant Mariah Carey's own, very distinctive personality.


Producer The Dream wrote about the process, "I think it’s about just writing an album that includes the focus of all the hits that she’s had. She can’t take a loss; she has to do everything to the T. So it’s basically like we’re trying to make a greatest hits album without using the greatest hits." A tall order for anyone, but when you have the most number one singles of any solo artist in American history, then it seems a little easier to fill.

Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor Wilco (The Album)

I think Mariah's new album is gonna be awesome. There has not been one album from Mariah that I have not loved!


the thing with Mariah is that she has this perception of how she is seen and needs to realise her capabilities and combine those talents with what is popular at the moment, for example, everyone loves songs such as Fantasy, Honey and Heartbreaker, while O.O.C and I'll Be lovin' U You Long Time fit the standard of previous hits, she needs something to fit the standard of her ballads such as We Belong Together, Mine Again and Thanx 4 Nothin', I Stay In Love was pointless, even more so releasing it, as it was a poor version of We Belong Together. She needs to find that balance of R&B in the ballads and the beats that are fresh yet have her experience of the subject matter in the writing and that voice that is clearly still capable as We Belong Together, Mine Again and Joyride manage to prove. I read some glowing reviews of E=MC2 but felt cheated by certain songs as they were clear attempts to recreate nostalgia. her uptepo songs on the album were awesome and the album probably would have been on the map with The Emancipation Of Mimi had she of let rip and belted out the songs as oppose to squeezing out shrieks of pain. Aparently belting all the time becomes boring? or so she said on autralian television but that is what she is famous for.



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it is yup awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH I CANT WAIT you mimi !!!!!
great new song and a perfect album im sure

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As usual,I always get a thrill whenever Mariah has a new & upcoming album. And her 1st single Obsessed has a contagious beat.Nice! Keep coming Mariah!

Rex Tyrone from d Philippines

Pushed back for the third time. Released date is now September 29.

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mariah carey....the best singer of all time


A review of the album is up here:

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hey guys!!! i have got full album and songs are greaaaaattttttt!!!! she is really living you mimi...


The album reached Gold status recently in US. Congrats Mariah on the win for PCA Best R&B Artiste


I love it!


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