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  • Million Bucks feat. Swizz Beatz
  • Scene 1: If Tomorrow Comes...
  • Back To Life feat. Push! Montana
  • Remember My Name
  • Gangsta feat. B.G.
  • Scene 2: The Meeting
  • All The Above feat. T-Pain
  • Here Comes Trouble
  • Scene 3: Hating
  • Hi Hater
  • Let's Make A Movie
  • Kill You
  • Scene 4: Contemplating
  • Runaway Slave
  • Soldier
  • Hood Love feat. Trey Songz
  • Floating
  • Scene 5: The Phone Call
  • Celebrate
TV on the Radio - Dear Science Scars on Broadway Scars on Broadway

Maino is the realest rapper in the game with Lil Boosie, they both spit what they livin. Maino is going to be the next big thing from NY, Keep doing your thing Maino and it would be nice to see you hook up with boosie on a track that song would set the streets on fire i promise. Josh Jones

Josh Jones

how is his album droppin Dec 30th when Maino has on his myspace droppin in the fall??? doesnt make sense. Dec 30th is winter, not the fall.


Maino u make Tha Stuy proud...keep reppn Lex Ave Gates Ave NA Rock N Clifton... Much Luv


maino u are da DON...i won't say u are the next best rapper but the best actually,forget the haters and keep making the money...but remember that"more money more problem" watch out for the haters


Maino is the best rapper alive. Realist since 2pac. Maino has a great flo but no like EM or nas. But he is the best rapper alive because he is the realist since 2pac. Hate it or love it its the truth. Where the haters at.


THe sh*t drops june 30th, dont know why that aint updated... THats according to Maino site anyway
Can't believe he got so few guests, that's pretty cold considering Jadakiss had like every n*gg* in the rap game on his sh*t. Maino show's he's standing strong! Can't wait to hear the PUSH! Montana sh*t though. And of course the B.G. sh*t, haven't heard him spit in some time.


Maino - Lets Make a Movie Produced by D Smitty, Mista Raja, & Sef Millz for Coalition Forces Music

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