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  • You Must Be Out of Your Mind
  • Interlude
  • We Are Having a Hootenanny
  • I Don't Know What to Say
  • The Dolls' Tea Party
  • Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
  • Walk a Lonely Road
  • Always Already Gone
  • Seduced and Abandoned
  • Better Things
  • Painted Flower
  • The Dada Polka
  • From a Sinking Boat

Realism is considered by frontman Stephen Merritt to be the Magnetic Fields’ companion piece to 2008’s Distortion. Whereas Distortion showcased a much more brash, immediate feel and was recorded in the stairways, hallways, and bathroom of Merritt’s old New York apartment, Realism is a studio acoustic set -- a “variety folk” album (save one track recorded in Merritt’s new, L.A.-based bathroom). Inspired by late-60s and early-70s British folk, it continues to explore the same themes of truth and fiction that Distortion set forth and once again abandons synths, instead employing a battery of acoustic instruments like bouzouki, banjo, cello, violin, accordion, tuba, and tabla drums.

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