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Madlib, who I frequently call Mr. Prolific, likes to have his work cut out for him. Aside from that whole jazz album excursion he’s on, the Oxnard, Calif.-based producer is also dropping monthly albums and mixtapes in 2010. The odd-numbered releases feature brand-new music from Madlib while the even-numbered ones are mere mixtapes of album that he's found and wants to share with the masses. Being the third in this series, Madlib Medicine Show No.3: Beat Konducta in Africa is packed with never-before-heard beats sampling the land in its namesake. It will be interesting to hear just what he does with African samples. Perhaps he's trying to one-up his brother Oh No, who dropped Dr. No's Ethiopium, a killer instrumental album featuring only Ethiopian samples.

Bullet for My Valentine - Fever The Strange Boys Be Brave

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