Cinematic Orchestra

    Ma Fleur


    The Cinematic Orchestra’s fourth studio record, Ma Fleur (“My Flower”), was made as a soundtrack to an imaginary movie, but it transcends that intention. It sparks a more cerebral emotion, something that exists in all of our lives: the poignant power of reminiscing. Built with spare pianos, minimalist string-arrangements, and melancholic undertones, Ma Fleur takes on a despondent main theme during “That Home” (with help from the highly underrated Canadian crooner Patrick Watson) and builds upon it during the remaining ten tracks. Much like that of the band’s previous albums, the value of Ma Fleur (which also features contributions from the fabulous soul singer Fontella Bass and Mercury Prize nominated-Lou Rhodes) is in its exploration of how to grip an emotion out of simplicity. The difference is that this music isn’t meant for the background.







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